1x3: Chapter Three: Holly, Jolly

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Joyce belives that her son, Will Byers, is trying to communicate in some strange way. Nancy searches for Barb and discovers the things Jonathan has been hiding for a while


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This episode stats with Barb's point of view, located in the alternate world she's in. We can see Steve's pool and backyard, the same place where she was abducted by the strange thing. While Nancy is having a good time in Steve's bedroom, Barb is frightened and in a very dangerous situation

The first plan of this episode puts the kids in a protagonic position: they want to meet after schoold to find some new information about Will's location. Meanwhile, Eleven finds herself alone in the house. She turns on the TV and watches one of the 80's Coca Cola ads, making her remember a experiment in which she had to destroy a can by using his mind and anything else. The figure of Dr. Brenner shows up, encarnating a fatherly figure for her.

Meanwhile, communication between Joyce and Will moves forward. The mother sets up a communication device with lights on the wall and succeeds: Will is alive, but in danger.

The episode ends with an intriguing event: Eleven and the rest of the group find a kid's corpse by a stream

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