1x4: Chapter Four: The Body

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Nancy and Jonathan find themselves closer than expected. On the other hand, Joyce strives to not think the worst about her son and puts all her effort to communicate with him


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Datos sobre el episodio y opinión

"The Body", title of this episode, refers to the last events: the finding of a corpse by a stream. Mike is really upset with Eleven as she gave him some false information. As the episode moves forward, Michael manages to communicate with Will by using a walkie-talkie.

On the other hand, Joyce can't believe the found corpse is from his son and Jonathan puts all his effort into overcoming the situation. Hopper allies with Jonathan but at the same time notes something suspicious about the autopsy regarding the kid's body.

Meanwhile, Barb's disappearing worries Nancy and claims she saw a man with no face by the woods. Jonathan finds himself surprised as the description of this event looks pretty similar to the one brought by Joyce.

Some interesting facts about the episode: the costume used by Eleven connects with Gertie, from the E.T. movie. In the second place, "Vale of Shadows" is a direct reference to Dungeons & Dragons lexical. Finally, we can immediately think about Slender Man when the series comes up with a monster with no face at all.

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