1x6: Chapter Six: The Monster

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The lab’s mysteries are about to be discovered as Joyce and Hopper go deeper in their search. In the meantime, Steve and Jonathan try to find Nancy.


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Action breaks in right in the beginning of the episode: Nancy is trapped and scared to death in the Upside Down. Hopefully she manages to come back to the real world by following the sound of Jonathan's voice.

Meanwhile, Dustin puts all his effort into holding the group together. He asks Lucas to apologize for being so stubborn about Lucas words. On the other hand, some new flashbacks give crucial information about the connection between Eleven and the monster with no face.

Troy and his friend ambush the group lead by Mike. However, Eleven uses her skills to protect the one who really cares about and makes Mike levitate. Did you happen to closely see Lucas hearband? It's a very funny quote to the movie Rambo. Another interesting fact: No one could see Steve writing the sign at the cinema? It was done at broad daylight with a 15-step's stair...

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