1x7: Chapter Seven: The Bathtub

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The footage recorded with Jonathan’s camera is taken to the police department. Meanwhile, Eleven tries to reach will and Lucas faces a severe warning.


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"The Bathtub", Stranger Things penultimate episode, begins with Lucas warning his friends: bad men are coming. While Eleven, Dustin and Mike leave the house, Hopper and Joyce meet Nancy and Jonathan with the purpose of defending the kids from Brenner's people.

After a successfully escape, the group heads to Hawkins school to set up a sensorial privation device that could be used by Eleven to find Will's location. While Jonathan and Nancy become armed to confront the monster with no face, Jonathan and Nancy head to the lab

Eleven finds some new crucial information: Will is alive and Barb couldn't make it. Did you happen to watch Fringe? It's a series that shares many things with Stranger Things. In the first place, there is an alternate universe you can travel to. Besides, if you want to communicate with that world, you need to induce a state on the subject (pretty similar to what Eleven does in the privation tank). Finally, a classic from the 90's appears again in the series the movie The Thing

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