1x8: Chapter Eight: The Upside Down

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Season finale! Hopper and Joyce are interrogated by Dr. Brenner, as the boys wait in the gym. In the meantime, Jonathan and Nancy are ready to fight.


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Datos sobre el episodio y opinión

Stranger Things first season ends with the episode titled "The Upside Down". Brenner finally interrogates and blaims Joyce for her son's disappearing. On the other hand, Hopper goes under a terrible interrogation and proves himself capable of taking the best benefits from all the information he has. After reaching an agreement, Hopper and Joyce enter the Upside Down and head directly to Castle Byers. However, Will is not there. Where is he hiding?

Meanwhile, Jonathan and Nancy set a trap to catch the monster with no face. By using Steve's help they succeed on their task but the monster seems to have disappeared.

What happened with Eleven?Well, we know she has some serious skills and she is definitely using them to protect herself.

Unanswered questions and interesting facts

- It seems pretty obvious that Hopper puts some food in the woods to feed Eleven. Is she alive? Is she in the "Upside Down"?

- While being at a family dinner, Will goes to the bathroom and spits a black slug. Is that the product of Will's imagination or he really is in the Upside Down?

Luckily we'll find this answers on Season 2

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