Ryan Reynolds is a porn star, says porn star

Ryan Reynolds’ sex tape is so good, he’s making it available for free online.

That’s the message from the porn star who plays the lead role in the blockbuster movie, Ryan Reynolds.

He told BuzzFeed News that he’s just going to take advantage of it.

“I’m going to be doing porn videos, and I’m going for free,” Reynolds said.

“So there you go.”

He’s the latest celebrity to share a new porn career — and his name is Ryan Reynolds, who has starred in several porn films.

He was in a short-lived sitcom with the actor Josh Radnor called Love in the Movies.

In an interview with the New York Times, he revealed that he is a longtime porn star.

“For some reason, I think I was born to do porn,” Reynolds told the Times.

“And I think my parents had an idea of it when they were growing up.

They were a really, really good family, and they had a lot of money.

And they were just like, ‘I don’t know, you should be doing this.'”

The sex tape that’s going to help millions of people understand what it’s like to be in porn is titled “Porn Star: A Journey.”

In it, Reynolds plays a young, hot dude named Alex who is in a relationship with a sexy porn star named Brittney.

He gets jealous when Brittney gets in on the action, so he shoots her to humiliate her.

When you’re a porn actor, you’re basically living the life of a pornstar.

You don’t have a girlfriend, you don’t even have sex with other guys.

You’re living a life that’s pretty much like the life you would live in a porn movie.

“Porn is not a glamorous life,” Reynolds explained.

“It’s a dirty life.”

He said he started doing porn in 2003.

He says it started as a hobby, and he had friends to shoot with and he used them as a base.

“But it turned into a serious business, and it’s a real-life business, so I did it because I had a passion for it.

So I just went to school, and the other guys were like, why are you doing porn?”

He added, “They were like: ‘Why are you in this?’

And I was like, well, I just wanted to do it, I was just doing it because it’s fun.”

The video of the pornstar’s POV shows the two naked people making out.

Reynolds says he was going to have a threesome, but he was not going to shoot that.

“I was like I don’t want to do that,” he said.

He started making videos for the sex sites.

He had sex scenes with the model Anna Jagger.

He has had sex with some women in the past, including actress and model Nicole Kidman.

But none of them have had the kind of success he has.

“Nobody has come out of that as an adult,” Reynolds noted.

He’s now trying to make it his own.

He started doing solo shoots and solo scenes with porn actors like Mia Khalifa.

“Mia Khalifa’s a porn superstar,” Reynolds shared.

“She was in this movie called The Great One.

She’s just incredible.

And she’s in a lot more porn now than she was in 2007.

And I’ve been working on solo porn shoots with her, so that’s been really exciting.

And then I’ve got my own company, and there’s other porn stars I’m working with that are also really talented.”

The sex scenes were filmed on iPhones, he explained.

It took him about a month to film and edit them.

He’s working with a director who was an actor and he said the sex scenes are so good.

“The only thing that I’m nervous about is that they’re so, so sexy,” he admitted.

“There’s no dialogue, there’s no body language, there are no facial expressions, there is no acting.”

Reynolds said he has been told he will be paid $100,000 to shoot some scenes for him and that’s a small amount for porn actors.

He said he will also have his own crew, and that will be his new main focus.

“We’re going to do these scenes in my house, but I’m not going into the studios, because I’m still trying to get this film made,” he joked.

“That’s the plan.”