How to Get Your Fucking Stacked up on Your New iPhone 7: The iPhone 7 Plus

With the iPhone 7 launching today, the Apple’s new flagship phone will be the only one with a glass back.

It’s the same design that debuted in the iPhone 6s, but with a much thicker, glass back that covers the screen, camera, and microphone.

In a new patent, Apple has shown off a new kind of glass that covers its camera lens and microphone, as well as the display.

That means that if you want to put your fucking phone up on your face, you’ll need to get an iPhone 7 and then attach it to your face with the patented device mount.

The new mount could also be used to mount a selfie stick to your phone.

We don’t know yet whether this new mount will be compatible with Apple’s latest iPhones, but if it is, it will definitely make mounting a selfiestick a lot easier.

Apple has also introduced new Apple-branded headphones that look exactly like the iPhone’s earbuds.

These are designed to fit in your ears, but Apple says they will fit phones up to the 6s.

It also promises new wireless charging technology that will charge your phone at 50 percent in 30 minutes, or about the same as charging an iPhone 6.