Amazon Prime Video is now available for streaming online for free!

article A new app is allowing Amazon Prime members to stream video to their mobile devices for free on their mobile phones or tablets.

Amazon’s new video compression app, dubbed Vimeo, is available on the Amazon Appstore and is a free download.

The app will let Prime members stream video for up to three hours at a time, while it’s free to download and play.

The video compression feature allows users to save video to Amazon’s servers and stream it directly to their devices.

Users can also choose to watch the video as a playlist or use a third-party video player.

Vimeo is available to Prime members who have paid for Prime membership and pay an annual subscription fee of $49.99.

It’s not yet clear if Prime members will be able to stream videos from the app to their TVs or other devices.

Amazon Prime customers can stream video on their devices for $0.99 a month.

Visionshare, which has been offering free access to Vimeo for months, has been selling the app for free since November.

The Vimeo app will be available for Android and iOS devices.

Prime members can also access Vimeo on Amazon’s own website, where the app has been available for free for a few weeks.

Prime subscribers can watch Prime video for free through Vimeo in any app, including the Google Chrome browser.

Amazon also has an online video service called Amazon Video, which offers Prime members access to the video compression service.

Amazon has not yet announced a price for Prime members’ Vimeo access.