How to watch porn videos with the help of a ‘Google Glass’ device

Google Glass was introduced as an augmented reality (AR) device to the world in 2016, and it was one of the first AR devices to see a major market share.

Now, we’re seeing that Google has added the same functionality to their YouTube app and are giving the option of a Google Glass-enabled user to watch and share the most popular adult videos.

According to the official Google Glass Google Play store page, a new Google Glass viewer can watch over 20,000 videos from the Google News app, as well as videos uploaded from various Google News feeds.

This feature is available on both Android and iOS, with Android users being able to view videos directly from the app while iOS users will be able to watch from their phone.

The feature is still in beta and currently available only for Google Glass owners, but it could potentially prove useful for anyone who has a Google Pixel, Google Home or any of the other Google Glass products.

While it doesn’t support streaming directly to Google Play, you can use the YouTube viewer to view your favorite videos and make a playlist of your favorite content.

Google says the feature will launch on October 14, with a beta available now for iOS and Android users.

Google also plans to roll it out to other Google products, including their new smart home devices, as soon as they are available.