How much does porn cost in Australia?

AUSTRALIA’S top-rated adult site has slashed prices on some of its most popular videos, with the price of the best video in the world dropping to $15 per hour.

Philando Castile, the black US cop killed by a police officer in Minnesota, was released from jail in January after spending almost two years behind bars.

But his video has been a hit among users since it was uploaded to the site in October 2016.

On its website, PornHub said the video would be available for $15.99 per hour on its premium service, with other video options for $1.99.

On the $15-per-hour premium site, users could also watch a free 60-minute video for free.

The $15 price tag is far lower than the $20 price paid for the original video, which was posted on July 5, 2016.

The price for the first half of the video is $25, the site said.

“In short, there is no comparison between the two videos.

That’s why we’ve been lowering prices on both of these videos,” PornHub director of content Jennifer Salyer told AAP.”

Pornhub is always experimenting with new ways to offer more value to our customers, and the latest example of that was with the $5 video.”

A total of 1.3 million people have watched the video, but there are some who have not been satisfied with the experience.

One user, who asked not to be named, said the first hour of the clip was not as good as the second half.

“The first 30 minutes were alright, but the last 30 minutes was very bad.

I was really disappointed with it,” she said.

She also complained about the lack of subtitles and the lack and lack of commentary.

“This video is so awful.

It’s really upsetting that they don’t make subtitles,” she told AAP, adding she had asked to switch over to a different video.

Another user who asked to remain anonymous said she was disappointed the video was not available in the US.

“I’m not an American and I don’t know why they’d have that kind of content in their country,” she wrote.

“If it was for their country, I would’ve bought it.

This is for a country that’s supposed to be so progressive and accepting.”

Some users were upset by the decision to cut the video.

“Wow, that’s a lot of money for the average Australian,” one user wrote on Reddit.

“How is this even legal in America?”

Another user wrote: “I guess you can only pay for things you need when you’re a kid.”