India’s ‘love making’ videos become hot commodities for sex traffickers, police say

INDIA — The lovemaking videos that some Indians are making on their mobile phones and computers are becoming a hot commodity for sex trafficking and other criminals, according to the police and the police commissioner of the country.

India is one of the top destinations for sex tourists to travel the world, according a report by the Global Sex Tourism Council.

But the demand is growing in a country that has seen a rise in child sex tourism, which the police have blamed on the widespread availability of smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices.

The video and audio chatting apps, which are used to connect people for sex and entertainment, have been used for years by people seeking cheap, often free sex and to entice sex workers to sell themselves, police said.

But in the past few years, India’s police have been cracking down on the illegal sex trade, and on Wednesday, officials announced a series of new anti-trafficking laws.

Among the new laws are a ban on sending money to anyone who has sex with a minor and a ban of using a cellphone or a video game to record someone having sex.

In a statement, police chief Sukhpal Singh Sridhar said that police are working to shut down sex trafficking networks that “take advantage of vulnerable and vulnerable young people.”

A video showing an Indian woman giving a man a massage and then showing him the video on her smartphone was viewed nearly 200,000 times on Facebook.

“This is the first time I have seen such a large number of such videos being made,” said Ramanan Singh, a 29-year-old computer engineer from Uttar Pradesh who has been visiting India for more than two years.

He said he was also arrested after a sex worker posted the video to a Facebook group, and that the police took his cell phone, which contained a video, to the office.

“They asked me why I had made this video, and when I told them I had been tricked by the sex worker, they asked me if I had done this on purpose, said Singh, who was not arrested.

I don’t know how they caught me but they have now arrested me for the crime of making a child pornography,” he said.

In one video, a woman in a white dress and a yellow blouse is seen giving a massage to a man, and a man in a black suit appears to be masturbating.

The woman, whose name has not been released, is seen sitting on the ground while the man talks to her on his cellphone.

He looks into her eyes and touches her on the back.

After the massage, the man pulls her up and sits on her face, with her legs spread.

Another video shows a man who is holding a woman’s hand, who is dressed in a red and white dress, who appears to give a massage.

Another video shows another man with a woman, who wears a red blouse and red skirt.

Another woman in white dresses is seen kissing her lover.

Police say the videos are being shared with traffickers and used to entrap the victims.

Police said that they had arrested 11 people, including men, who were allegedly involved in the trade.

They have also identified two people in connection with the prostitution ring.

The new laws also make it illegal to buy or sell children in any form, even if they are young, and it bans the use of electronic devices or social networking sites to contact minors.

The police have also issued an advisory to parents about the dangers of allowing their children to visit foreign countries, particularly for business trips.

The law also bans the sale of child pornography, a crime that is punishable by up to five years in prison.