How to watch porn with your smartphone

Google is getting ready to launch a new video chat app for Google+ that will let people watch porn videos with their phones.

The new video app will allow users to send and receive porn videos, along with chat that will answer questions, and will let them set a time to watch.

Google+ is a social network and chat app that lets users communicate, post and share content, and comment on other people’s posts.

The new app is expected to launch this summer.

The app will have different levels of privacy, said a company spokesperson.

The first option will be a private mode, in which people can only watch certain content and have only a limited number of friends.

The second option will allow people to send videos from their phone and chat to anyone in the world.

This mode will also be accessible to the public.

In addition to privacy settings, the new app will offer users options to block certain content, including videos that are sexually explicit.

Users can also set a block to prevent other people from viewing certain content.

Users can also view a video in private mode and invite other people to watch it, as well as invite them to participate in a chat with other users.

The feature will be available in a later version of the app.

Google announced its first Android app, Google+ Messenger, earlier this year, and it has attracted a lot of attention.

Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter also announced their own apps in the past year.

The Google+ app has been downloaded more than 200 million times.