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How to avoid a blowjob video in a video posted by an adult video star

Video games are fun and they are expensive.But they can also be a risky business.Some videos are made with the goal of making the viewer feel uncomfortable or even angry.Others are made to embarrass or traumatize.Some even aim to hurt the viewer, according to experts.But most video-game-related injuries are unintentional, and are usually avoided.What you […]

Porno movies and videos are becoming cheaper and easier to get online – and they are being watched by more people than ever before.

source Reuters This week, Pornhub saw a huge spike in traffic for their premium service, Porno Movies and Videos, as more people were looking to rent porn videos.They were already the biggest porn site in terms of monthly visitors and traffic, but the recent spike has seen them overtake their rivals.They also see an opportunity in […]

‘We want a ban’: Al Jazeera’s Anna Hazare slams India’s ‘hateful, sexist’ media

India’s media is a cesspool of hate, intolerance and discrimination.The new government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken a bold, even radical step towards combating the menace.But the new law has yet to make its way through Parliament.The media has, however, been a vocal target of Modi’s ire.It has made headlines for its coverage […]

How to make a simple, quick, and easy video editor using Adobe Photoshop Source ABC News title Why you should download Adobe Photoshop for Windows 10

The next generation of video editing software has arrived, and it’s called Adobe Photoshop.Its not just a video editing app, though.It’s also a multimedia toolkit for creating stunning 3D graphics.And with a new version of the program on its way, you can finally create your own videos. You’ve probably heard of Adobe Photoshop before, but the […]


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